What direction will free agency take the Redskins?

The league has finally agreed on a new CBA. With hardly any time at all the teams are expected to enter free agency and begin their off-season. Things have been happening so fast that every time I look it seems someone has made a move somewhere in the league. The Washington Redskins have been making calculated moves thus far; here are their moves and moves things they should address as the off-season goes on.

Fill Bodies on the Defensive Line: Any great 3-4 defensive front shares something in common, a multitude of Defensive Line talent. When you look at the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Jets you see a quality group of linemen shifting in and out throughout a game causing trouble for the opposing offense. So far the Redskins have signed Barry Cofield; and lost DE Jeremy Jarmon via trade. Cofieldwill make a great addition as veteran body on the line. Look for the skins to continue to pick up valuable bodies here.

Re-Stock the WR position: The Redskins made their first key move by re-signing Santana Moss to a 3 year deal. This was a safety net move at the position. The Redskins signed free agents Donte Stallworth and Brandon Stokely adding two veterans who can provide veteran depth. The Redskins still need to find a number 1 receiver. They have traded for Jabar Gaffney by giving up DE Jeremy Jarmon. Gaffney, however, has never been a number 1 receiver. Either the redskins have faith they can keep Moss in that spot until rookie Leonard Hankerson steps up, or they are planning on signing another free agent. With Santonio Holmes and Sidney Rice off the market, sources say the Redskins are making a move for Braylon Edwards. My worry is that the skins will end up with too much competition at this position and ruin the future of their young WRs. The WR position this year is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Fortify the Offensive Line: One position the Redskins have yet to address is the offensive line. The skins need interior lineman and so far they have not addressed this in either the draft or through free agency. With Marshal Yanda back in Baltimore there hasn’t been too much movement at this position. Expect the Redskins to pick up some bodies at this position later on. I would like to see them trade for a lineman here. More than likely fans can count on a small change on the line this year with lack-luster results.

At the end of the day: The skins have more than addressed the WR position for now. The questions for this team no longer lie on the defensive line with veteran talent mixed in with some young hopefuls. Questions will remain with the quarterback position and bigger questions will linger on the offensive line. These positions need to be addressed and not ignored, especially with a question mark at quarterback and a young runningback corps.


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