Redskins Trading Game

The Washington Redskins surprised everyone this year by trading down. A lot of fans love this new approach. They turned 7 draft picks into 12 and got a lot of solid talent from what we know now. First let’s look at some of the high light picks. Then we’ll look at what holes the Redskins need to fill next.

When most people hear the name Ryan Kerrigan they have no idea who in the world that is. He’s a former Defensive End out of Purdue who is soon to become a linebacker in Washington’s 3-4 opposite Brian Orakpo. What I like about this guy is that he’s going to work as hard as he can to get his job done. He is your “meat and potatoes” linebacker. He’s ready to get dirty and do whatever you ask of him. We’ll see how long it takes for him to get used to dropping back in pass protection. At 16, he fills the last of the needs in the linebacking corps in the front 7. I’d like to see the Orakpo and Kerrigan duo in Washington for years.

Jarvis Jenkins is a safe pick in the second round for the Redskins. He’s a nice 310 pounds of meat out of Clemson that is expected to come in and stop the run. Expect to see this DT to come in and start at DE and be a solid presence on a line in need of talent. My personal favorite pick was the Redskins third guy off the board, Leonard Hankerson, a WR out of Miami. Miami produces playmakers, but more importantly this guy has some size. The Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly experiement didn’t work out in Washington; but expect Hankerson to come in and make a solid impact across from Santana Moss in the 2011-2012 season. I expect this kid to come in and catch around 60 balls, 800 yards, and 7 TDs in his rookie season. Not bad for a third round pick.

The Redskins went after two runningbacks in this draft. A choice i’m praying works out. Roy Helu and Evan Royster have some solid talent and could come in to Shanahan’s system and provide a decent impact year one. Just give these guys a capable offensive line and they’ll be good ball-carriers down the road.

Down the list the Redskins Drafted a OG late by the name of Maurice Hurt out of Florida. I don’t see what first year impact this guy brings but he’ll add depth to a line in need of something good. An interesting choice was to go after two corners; Brandyn Thompson out of Boise State and Dejon Gomes out of Nebraska. You can never have enough corners so we’ll see what impact they have in this unit that is solid enough. Keep an eye on this draft class. It could be a bunch of low talent waste of spaces or an excellent draft providing depth and youth to this team.

Where does Washington go from here?

Quarterback: The Redskins didn’t answer this question in the draft. I’ll have more on this situation in a coming article specifically about the QB position. I am willing to accept this if this choice allows us to have depth on our team in the future. They need to bring in a lower priced veteran until they can get a guy in the draft. That’s the answer for now and Redskins fans will just have to accept it.

Offensive Line: I am hoping the Redskins are thinking what i’m thinking. They passed up some talented interior lineman here. The Redskins must have faith in Jamaal Brown and expect Stephon Heyer to come back next year. They don’t seem to be worrying about the RT position. The Redskins have got to spend money at this position in free agency. There are some guys they can target out there that are still young and have plenty of talent. Bring them in and make that interior line a non-issue. This is where the Redskins have to start on offense no matter who is under center or catching balls.

Wide Receiver: Don’t be surprised if the Redskins make a splash after a guy like Sidney Rice or Vincent Jackson at this position. At the same time, don’t be surprised if they don’t. They have some young guys now to build at this position along with a stalwort veteran in Santana Moss who has another year or two left in the tank. Add that with the talented TE position and we have enough pass catchers to get the job done in a solid fashion this year.

Defensive Line: This is my major concern going forth. Someone has got to step up on this line in order for this defense to work. With Albert Haynesworth likely gone, we can finally build something here. Where do we start? That is a good question, I hope the Redskins can get something going here next season or we’ll be in for a long one. We need depth at the DE position and we need a proper NT. Free agency doesn’t give us much at this position so we’ll have to hope our guys can step up, I hate to say it.

Linebackers: All that’s needed this year really is depth. With Kerrigan playing opposite Orakpo, and with London Fletcher doing work down the middle, all that the Redskins really need is depth all around and a solid presence in the other MLB spot. Where’s the worry at this position? There isn’t much.

K/P: There are free agent options to go after. If the Redskins choose not to go in that direction than they need a prayer here. These positions have barely been talked about because we have such other pressing needs right now.

It’s clear to me the Redskins have some sort of plan. Don’t expect the Redskins to come out and win this division next year. What we can hope for is that they come in and develop and play hard. That’s all we can ask for as Washington rebuilds.


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