Movin’ on up…Washington Redskins may look to take a huge risk

Recent rumours have surfaced today announcing that the Washington Redskins are trying to move up into the top 3 to pick up what we assume is a QB. While the skins could be making a move for Von Miller at OLB or AJ Green at WR; I’m going to believe the hype and feel that the skins have found their guy. They aren’t going up to get my favorite QB in this draft Ryan Mallett (complete sarcasm, read our first article). They’ll move up to get one guy who they believe will develop into a top quarterback for years to come. That guy is none other than….

BLAINE GABBERT! Not Cam Newton because he is too much of a risk to pick this early. While he may fit better in the Washington system than most teams drafting in the top 15 I believe they are making this move to take Blaine Gabbert. He’s an intelligent QB that is ready to lead early on in his career. He has an arm ready for the pros. A lot of people worry about the spread offense he ran in college, however, it’s an overrated worry. Plus this guy knows how to take snaps. He’s been preparing for the NFL for quite some time so the adjustment won’t take long. Look for him to start for the skins in 2012 or towards the end of the 2011 season.


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