The Ryan Mallet Conspiracy

There has been recent news “confirming” what the Washington Redskins are doing with pick number 10 in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft. Reports have surfaced that the Redskins are locking in on Ryan Mallett (QB out of Arkansas) at that pick. Here are reasons why the Redskins marriage with Ryan Mallett may not be a lock at number 10:

The Redskins have needs- I think it’s clear that the Washington Redskins have a plethora of needs. First of which is the interior of the offensive line. Without this need met, it does not matter who is behind center. Ryan Mallett, not being a mobile quarterback is going to need an offensive line here to have any kind of success his first year. Are the skins going offensive line with their first pick? The answer is “probably not” because there isn’t an offensive lineman worthy of this spot. With that said what about the talent of an A.J. Green or Julio Jones at this spot? Talent wise it’s a better buy and a need we have that should make any quarterback here look better. We also look at the talent of Mark Ingram at runningback, various talented DE/OLB which would help complete our defense. There are too many directions to go with this pick. Why set your sights on one who barely warrants a first round selection so early?

Trade Bait– I would personally like to shake hands with the Redskins staff member who came up with the idea of telling everyone Ryan Mallett was going to the Redskins at number 10. It’s ingenious as far as raising your stock for that number 10 spot. Even if they are going the Ryan Mallett route you know they aren’t going to take him at number 10. They are going to use this hype to trade down and pick up some new picks in the 2nd and 3rd. If this happens you can feel very confident with the Redskins decisions. This “leak” is a great opportunity to gain interest in the number 10 spot.

Most important Draft– This draft could be considered the most important draft in a very long time. This does not exclude the Redskins. It was not only important for their remodeling of their franchise, but exceedingly important because we have no idea when Free Agency will take place. There is no trading players until this is solved. With questions surrounding Free Agency teams have to be sure to solve their needs through the draft the best way possible. With so much unknown it’s hard to tell what any team will do in this draft.

Ryan Mallett?– All offseason we’ve been hearing a lot about the quarterbacks in this draft. Something we normally hear every single season when the draft nears. Quarterbacks are generally overhyped and claimed to be taken earlier than they usually are. Especially in recent years when talent at this position has been sub-par. Many of these quarterbacks don’t warrant a first round pick. Expect Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert to be off the board in the first 10 picks. Don’t expect Ryan Mallett to be taken so early. The only way he’ll be taken is if a team trades back and picks him up. Besides he’s probably going to be on the bench for at least half a season with the Redskins. Why pick him up so early?

Analysis: Everyone clearly has their own opinion on what the skins should do with pick number 10. I’ll let you guys know mine. I think the skins should pick up AJ Green or Julio Jones. It’s a gamble picking at WR this early but it could pay major dividends. With the giant talent pool at WR and these two guys being at the top, you have a definite offensive weapon at your side that can be utilized as soon as the OL and QB position is addressed. Offensive line can be addressed through free agency. There are plenty of young, talented Guards there. I don’t think there is a franchise quarterback available for the redskins, not one that doesn’t need time to develop. Why waste a good pick on addressing this need here when it’s not really addressed. Set up the rest of your offense and defense and get a veteran in there until you are ready to find your guy. My opinion seems like a gamble but when you really look at the options the Skins have it doesn’t look as dangerous. The Redskins are remodeling their franchise, not one quarterback away from success.


One Comment to “The Ryan Mallet Conspiracy”

  1. Good stuff fellas, well done. Personally I think that rookies will play even less this year than in seasons past. If there is no CBA deal done in time for “real” training camp, I would not expect to see any rookie QB take snaps for their team during the regular season. (barring injury to a current starter). This won’t keep teams from drafting passers if they need them, but the learning curve will be much steeper this time around for young arms in the NFL. These guys need mini camps, and training camp to live up to any potential this year.

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